Bluetooth connection, bone conduction mode of sound transmission


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What is bone conduction?

Bone conduction is a mode of sound conduction, that is, sound is transformed into mechanical vibration of different frequencies, and sound waves are transmitted through the skull, bone labyrinth, inner ear leach, spiral apparatus and auditory center.

Even if the outer ear is affected so that sound cannot be heard, it is still possible to hear through the use of bone conduction.

What are our advantages?

● Out of ear, safer, more hygienic

● Open listening, keep the surrounding environment awareness, improve the safety of outdoor sports to solve the problem of hearing loss caused by long-term use of in-ear headphones

● Connect the mobile phone to answer and make calls

● IPX6 waterproof not afraid of sweat

● Wearing glasses does not affect use

How does CODEON help compensate for hearing?

When hearing loss, can use bone conduction headphones + voice collector to make up for hearing. The sound is collected by the voice collector, and the sound is directly transmitted to the inner ear through the bone conduction function of the Bluetooth bone conduction headset.

Sound that doesn't travel through the eardrum is healthier!

How does CODEON connect to the TV?

You can place the collector near the TV speaker or connect the TV to the collector using the audio cable in the accessory package. Listen to the sound of the TV through bone conduction, adjust the sound to a comfortable level through the volume key on the earphone, and watch the TV at the same volume as your family.

* Radios and computers can also achieve the same effect.

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