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Double deck bicycle rack

release time:2020-12-19publisher:xiaoyuaizico

There have been distinct activity phases during this pandemic. It began with baking bread, which gave way to doing puzzles, which gave way to learning TikTok dances. Learning how to play a musical instrument is in there somewhere. Now, we’ve entered the “everyone has a bike or is thinking about getting a bike” phase of this social-distancing lifestyle. If you're on the hunt for a bike rack and can't find one, you're not alone. Bike racks are currently low stock, out of stock or backordered as bike sales soar amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. With bike rack in such high demand, I believe you are stuck in a dilemma of choice. So what do you need now? Trust me, a double deck bicycle rack would be your best choice.

 As a novel device, this double deck bike rack will help you address your immediate concerns. Patented in 2018, it accounts for 70% market share in Japan, saving as much space as possible for the island country, which makes every square foot count. Now it’s time for every country to benefit from our double deck bicycle rack!

Our double deck bicycle rack is divided into two parts. The upper part is vertical lifting rack, which is convenient to load and unload as a result of the gripping-aided(gas-assisted) device. Designed for all ages of people, the semi-automatic device makes it easy to load your bikes on the top. The lower part is horizontal sliding rack, making enough room for loading and unloading your bikes by sliding horizontally. The way to stack vertically and increase parking density takes full advantage of the space. What’s more, made of aluminum alloy, our double deck bicycle rack features anti-rust, sturdy and durable. Furthermore, its quite simple to install our product, and we can provide multi-angle installation. Appropriate plan will be offered no matter how narrow the install place is. That’s what we try our best to offer you. My dear friend, you deserve the best!